Organization Chart

Board of directors CD Atlètic Balears SAD

President: Sr. Ingo Volckmann
Vice-president: Sr. Guido König
CEO: Sr. Xavier Konig
Secretary: Sr. Guillermo Pisano

The general representation of the Club’s Directors correspond to the counselor Mr. Xavier Konig and the secretary Mr. Guillermo Pisano. Both act as representatives of CD Atletico Baleares SAD.

Club’s Departments

CEO: Mr. Guillermo Pisano
Football Sports Director: Mr. Patrick Messow
Financial Director: Mr. David Serrano
Commercial and Marketing Director: Mr. Lawrence J. Mommenthal
Press Officer and Communications: Mr. Carlos Hernández

Youth teams

Coordinator: Mr. Joan Vich Caldés
Assistant: Mr. Juanma López
Youth School manager: Mr. Dani Cuellar
Campus manager: Mr. Joaquín Carrasco

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