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Atlético Baleares Federation of Clubs

Mission and vision

The federation’s main task is the growth of the club’s social circle as well as the union of all the clubs with a single goal: to always be by the team’s side. What makes Atlético Baleares so unique is the fact that, whether the club is on the top or on the regional, no player, coach or manager will be whistled at , or will ever become a counter-power. This is part of our fans DNA.

From the moment that a player wears our colors, it doesn’t matter from which club they are coming from and it will be the same with any person or entity who wants to help our club.

We ask for respect for our history; we are the representatives of the lower classes and the workers’ pride of our country. We ask for respect for our culture and language, our traditions and way of being.

We declare ourselves anti -racist, anti-homophobic, anti-xenophobia and anti all forms of discrimination. The only thing that is not tolerated is intolerance.

All clubs are represented in the Federation; there are 3 Vice- Presidents: Toni Hernández, Rafael López and Joan Ribot.

Visca l’Atletic Balears!

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